Thursday, May 13, 2004

KL Day00//26.Apr.04 - Euro-phoric & Excited: Jetting away on Lufthansa

The flight was to be at night. It has been been raining heavily that very evening, little did I know then that the rain would follow me all the way to Europe.

Unlike the rain, it was not wind conditions that led me to Europe, rather, it was due to to both a stroke of good timing and (most importantly!) partial sponsorship from my parents. The once-in-four-years international printing fair, DRUPA, was to be held in Dusseldorf early May this year. And my parents, true to their nature of being propagators of wanderlust, wanted to scout and sample Spain before attending DRUPA.

They asked if I wanted to join them. I replied that although the timing was good as it would have been the tail-end of my project by then. However, my financial reserves have already taken a hit from this year's trip to Australia and to go on another trip, one that was double the cost, would cause the Alan Greenspan in me to break out in cold sweat. But lucky ol' me broke into a grin instead. My parents generously offered to subsidize the expense, and that deal helped me board the plane.

Save for an interesting neighbour, the entire flight was uneventful. Wiebke ("little woman" in German) was friendly, chatty and well-travelled. We collectively shook heads over Siebel, she taught me how to say "thank you" in Portugese ("Obrigado"), and me promising her to write and send photos from my trip.


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