Thursday, September 09, 2004

SPAIN Day08//06.May.04 - Spanish Sendoff: Spain-Germany

I couldn't believe how speedily time flies. It was already our last day in Spain and we had a flight to catch in the afternoon. Given the timing of the flight, the tour company did not line up any activities for our last morning in Spain. However, I had earlier studied the location of the hotel we were staying in Barcelona, and was delighted to discover that we were staying near Parc Guell. This presented an opportunity for me to further acquaint my parents with another colourful Gaudi creation during that free time.

Map in hand, I guided my parents to the park and we finally made it after about 20 minutes of threading uphill. The ascent didn't stop upon reaching the park. We meandered up to Parc Guell's apex, which is landmarked by a cross, known as Turo de les Menes o de les Tres Creus. From that point, it was quite a sight to behold. The sun was rising and bathed the city below on this clear day. Mom and dad's laboured breathing gave way to silent observation as we surveyed the landscape from above.

The curve of the trail downhill led us to the curves of Parc Guell's infamous mosaic-ed park benches. Colourful, child-like, whimsical. To me these words best epitomise the serpertine benches, and probably the park itself. Parc Guell is unique in every sense. It does not fit the convention of parks lush with vegetation, green from irrigation and dotted with fountains. Not that Parc Guell isn't all that. It's that, and more. Mushroom inspired roofs, leaning colonnade, fairytale houses and a fanciful yet functional (collects irrigated water from the park) lizard.

After a quick photoshoot with the lizard, we bid the products of Gaudi's imagination farewell and headed back to the hotel. Our group was herded to the bus, which were to take us to the airport. On the way, we were dropped off at Barcelona's Palau Reial (Royal Palace), which besides having a garden, also houses the Museum of Ceramics & Decorative Arts. After this unplanned pit-stop, we were finally taken to the airport. At the airport, the realisation that my Spanish trip was over triggered a feeling of nostalgia. Observing how the men in the group were scrambling to take pictures with Jose and our tour bus, I was pretty sure that the rest of the group shared that same sentiment.

The rest of the day consisted of the plane ride from Barcelona to Frankfurt, and subsequently, the train ride from Frankfurt to Cologne. By the time we arrived at our final destination it was close to dinner time. The combination of travelling, Chinese comfort food, and cold rainy weather helped knocked me off my weary feet and straight into bed.


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Katie H said...

thank you so much for the comment. yes, i still have hope and still believe in true love. it's a miracle that i do, but i do. wow - you've traveled everywhere. i'm jealous. i've always wanted to travel but have lacked funds and now, with a baby, it seems impossible. i'll live vicariously through you and your blog. once again, thanks for the comment. take care and have safe travels.


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