Friday, December 10, 2004

KL Day00//07.Nov.04 - MH020: KLIA - Charles De Gaulle Aeroport

Despite the prospect of cool autumn weather and with that, the inclusion of four turtleneck sweaters and various long bottoms (i.e. pants, jeans), my skill in travel packing has once again shone and everything fitted neatly into my cabin-sized luggage. I had two other slingbags:

  • small-sized: for daily storage of petty cash, notebook, pen, lip balm, camera, memory cards
  • average-sized: for my flight needs such as toiletries, books, shawl, glasses, bottle of water

While waiting for S's brother to pick me up, I had double checked and triple checked all my travel neccesities.

  • Passport - checked!
  • Traveller's Cheques + Cash + Card - checked!
  • Camera + Battery + Memory + Charger - checked!
  • Sense of adventure - checked! checked! checked!

As we had a night flight (11pm) to Paris, S's brother arrived at my house at about 7pm. After S helped me with my luggage, both of us proclaimed in wonderment on the actuality of boarding the plane to Paris in another few hours. I settled into the backseat of the car and tried to contain my excitement. For the first part of the car ride, it rained quite heavily and my mind had scenarios of flight delays and plane skids. Thankfully, my overactive imagination was put to rest as we got towards KLIA rain-free.

S and I checked in without much ado and while away time at, of all places, Delifrance! A bit of French before we experience the real thing. Soon, it was time to board. With less than full capacity, boarding was quick and take off was on time. S and I occupied the left seats in the middle row. I had my travel bag next to me, where I retrived my Travelers' Tales on Paris and Poddy (my iPod).
Travelers' Tales - Paris iPod Mini - Silver
As I immersed myself in tunes reminiscent of Paris (Amelie OST and French Kiss OST), I wandered vicariously through Parisian streets, and in between, slip in and out of slumber filled with dreams of Paris.....


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